Hercules Pharmaceuticals Attends 2018 Community Oncology Alliance Conference

April 2018

Hercules Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Hercules Pharmaceuticals, Inc. <br> (Hercules Pharmaceuticals) attended the annual Community Oncology <br> Alliance (COA) Conference held at National Harbor, Maryland. This <br>year's conference centered on keeping patients and their needs paramount <br> in transforming the National's cancer care system. Hercules <br> Pharmaceuticals is a specialty distributor and actively engaged in the <br> political fight to return market-based economics to the specialty pharmacy <br> industry and in fighting for transparency and fairness from the payor side. <br> <br> For more information about COA, visit their website at <br> <a href="www.coaconference.org">www.coaconference.org</a> <br> <br> To learn more about Hercules Pharmaceuticals, its accreditations, <br> products, services and partnerships, please visit <a href="www.herculesrx.com">www.herculesrx.com</a>